Description : View of Vilnius


Area: 65,200 sq. km. (26,080 sq. mi.)
Cities (2008): Capital--Vilnius (pop. 542,809); other cities--Kaunas (358,107); Klaipeda (185,899); Siauliai (128,396).
Terrain: Lithuania's fertile, central lowland plains are separated by hilly uplands. A total of 758 rivers, many navigable, and 2,833 lakes cover the landscape. The coastline is 90 km. (56 mi.) long. Land use--44.2% arable land, 0.91% cultivated, 53.87% other.
Climate: With four distinct seasons, the climate is humid continental, with a moderating maritime influence from the Baltic Sea. January temperatures average -5�C (23�F); July, 17�C (63�F). The level of precipitation varies considerably from region to region: in the far west, average annual precipitation is 28-33 in., while in the central plain it is about 24 in.